Consortium Z (formerly OSINT Grabber) is a tool for intelligence analysts working in the computer incident response field to easily access the plethora of open source data feeds available to them. The intent of this tool is to put into the hands of intelligence analysts a broad range of open source data on potential indicators of Badness via an easy to use interface that gets them to that data without significant overhead or configuration.

There are currently a large number of sources of such data available, some commonly known and others not so much. The typical analyst maintains a large number of bookmarks to these various sources and attempts to use those that would be responsive to the indicators they are dealing with as well as possible. A significant problem in our field is a lack of a broadly published common body of sources of this type of information. The intent here at Consortium Z is to make as many of those sources available to the intelligence analyst as directly as possible to assist the war-fighter in accomplishing his or her mission. Part of the functionality of the Consortium Z tool is to recognize the form of the indicator entered into the system and provide links directly to the APIs that would be most responsive with valuable information to those indicators automatically by linking directly to them.

Recognizing that malicious infrastructure is regularly reused by the BadGuys in order to keep operational “costs” down, the intent is to expose the re-use of that infrastructure to the analyst where possible, to provide pivot points to allow the analyst to move from indicator to indicator to track this infrastructure over time and hence drive those BadGuy operational costs back up by forcing them to continuously invest in new infrastructure to carry out their successful attacks.

By use of this free tool and the tools we expose via Consortium Z, you (and any company, entity or organization for which your use benefits), accept the following:

You release all claims of damages and shall not hold any liability against Consortium Z nor the publishers of any of the tools that we provide access to, for:

  • damage
  • unexpected events or results
  • decision
  • reputational loss
  • lack of access to our system, for whatever reason
  • any other negative result in your use of the information provided by this system

… even those resulting from willful or intentional actions on the part of publisher.

No claims made against the veracity of this data shall be honored and no assertions have been made about the quality, accuracy, usability, actionability, reputation, merit or hostility of the returned findings. Consortium Z is nothing more than a conduit to data produced by others and provided by others for your use in fighting the good fight.

As a final warning: ANY result from use of this system shall be considered by you as WEAPONIZED. We do NOT make any effort to defuse any links provided via results on requests made by you in this system. Most open source providers make an effort to defuse their potentially malicious results and we will provide those defused links as they are received by the third party. However, Consortium Z makes no such attempt on its own to defuse weaponized links, and warns you as the user that you have the responsibility for the safe use of the information provided. Do not EVER click directly on the links provided within our results. Many will be fully armed.